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Is your giveaway just for the US or worldwide?

Asked by Anonymous

Worldwide. If outside the US, I’ll ship overseas no problem

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Over the past weekend at San Diego Comic Con, Square Enix made these a free bonus on purchases above $19.99 on their online store, but this promotion is now over. During the convention they were also giving them out to people who registered a Square Enix Members account, and thanks to having more than a few sock email accounts to register, I was able to snag a few extras!

That said, I’m giving out not one, but two, but THREE!!! lanyards out, so this means that three people have chances of winning! These lanyards feature 16-bit sprites of characters from the first 13 Final Fantasy games, including (in order):

A moogle, Warrior, White Mage, Black Mage, Maria, Onion Knight, Kain Highwind, Cecil Harvey, Cid Pollendina, Gilgamesh, Bartz Klauser, Kefka Palazzo, Terra Brandford, Cloud Strife, Sephiroth, Aerith Gainsborough, Squall Leonhart, Laguna Loire, Zidane Tribal, Eiko Carol, Tidus, Seymour Guado, Shantotto, Penelo, Lightning, a chocobo

  • There will be three winners, all of whom will be chosen through a random number generator.
  • Everyone has a maximum of two shots through liking and reblogging this post once. Those who reblog multiple times will be disqualified.
  • Please do not try to increase your chances by using any hoarded URLs you may have! >8[
  • Following this blog is not required to participate, nor does it increase one’s chances of winning. It is, however, very much appreciated. :]
  • Yes, I ship internationally if the winner is outside of the United States, and all shipping costs will be covered by me!
  • The deadline will be August 31, 2014 at 12:00 AM Pacific Daylight Savings Time, so be sure to like and reblog before then!
  • KEEP IN MIND that Final Fantasy Things is a linked account to my personal blog, so the winner will receive an ask/submission from me as joshawooott.tumblr.com.
  • If the winner does not reply back to me within 24 hours of my personal notification, or ask/submission box are not activated, I will unfortunately have to choose another winner and that’s no fun. D:

Any other questions concerning this I will be glad to answer and clarify! In the meantime, good luck and keep calm and cast Ultima. :]

Final Fantasy Things is in no way affiliated with Square Enix Co., Ltd., is profiting in no way from this giveaway, and claims no ownership or affiliation to Square Enix or the Final Fantasy brand.

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Bought these lovelies at San Diego Comic Con yesterday. I can die happy now

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Tsuyoshi Sekito
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Normal Battle 1
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Final Fantasy Explorers (2014)

"Normal Battle 1," Tsuyoshi Sekito - Final Fantasy Explorers (2014)

Square Enix and composer Tsuyoshi Sekito revealed a sample of Final Fantasy Explorers’ main battle theme.

Final Fantasy Explorers will be available for Nintendo 3DS this winter in Japan and at an unannounced date in the West

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Square Enix and Nintendo unveiled the first trailer for Final Fantasy Explorers, due for release on Nintendo 3DS this winter in Japan, and at an unannounced date in the West.

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Square Enix announced a new game for Nintendo 3DS, Final Fantasy Explorers. The game is a multiplayer action RPG, with players able to make parties up to four players who can connect either locally or long distance over Wi-Fi. Players then wage battle against classic Final Fantasy summons like Ifrit and Bahamut.

There will be a variety of job classes for player to choose from, including the classic warrior, monk, black mage, and white mage (as seen above). Others that have been announced are the dragoon, bard, paladin, thief, ninja, and red mage. Other features include: 

  • The game is set on an island that has all kinds of areas, and you’ll be free to walk across the entire place.
  • There’s a certain feature that lets you befriend monsters you defeat and have them join your party. It’ll be possible to have a party that consists of two players and two monsters.
  • It is said that the game’s main portion actually takes place after you clear the story, boasting a volume of about 100 to 200 hours worth of gameplay.
  • Square Enix are currently developing Final Fantasy Explorers to give off the spirit of the Final Fantasy series inside a multiplayer action RPG.

Final Fantasy Explorers is currently in development for Nintendo 3DS.

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With the announcements of Western localizations for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and Final Fantasy Agito out, three voice actors associated with the English version have revealed themselves and their respective roles: Matthew Mercer as Trey, Cristina Vee as Cinque, and Orion Acaba as Nine.

Their respective bodies of work can be found at the links below:

Matthew Mercer | Cristina Vee | Orion Acaba

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and Final Fantasy Agito will be released for iOS and Android devices.

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Square Enix announced that they will be localizing Final Fantasy Agito, and released the game’s first English trailer.

Final Fantasy Agito, which first released in Japan in 2013, is a prequel to Final Fantasy Type-0 and tells the story of the conflicts leading up to Type-0Final Fantasy Type-0 itself is also getting a Western release, three years after it came out in Japan. The mobile game stems from the original vision of Final Fantasy Type-0, which was first announced as a mobile phone game at E3 2006.

  • Character Customization: Create a unique character in the world of FINAL FANTASY AGITO.Players have access to a variety of character customization options, including gender, facial features, hairstyles and more.
  • Player Choice: Interact with other cadets at Akademeia, including key characters from FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0. The decisions players make at the Akademeia will affect the course of history in the game, which in turn will affect the worldwide player community.
  • Missions: Players can head out on missions to raise their level, and find/craft their ultimate weapon. Players can also confront powerful enemies in large-scale, cooperative battles involving the entire FINAL FANTASY AGITO player population.

The game will be free-to-play with paid, downloadable episodic scenarios, and will be released for iOS and Android devices.

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