Your fave is problematic: Lightning

  • impulsively violent
  • unappreciative about birthday parties
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Your fave is problematic: Cloud Strife

  • identity thief
  • anti-environmentalist mercenary
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Hey you're the first blog that popped up when i searched final fantasy so I wanted your opinion. I've never played FF but it looks pretty cool. Are there and final fantasies now or in the future that won't have that turn based combat system. Can I actually fight real time in any? With my own commands?

Asked by kanekis-mask-that-kaneki-owns

Right now, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is the only game out that I’d say fits the bill. Even games with real-time battles like Final Fantasy XI, XII, and XIV have some semblance of turn-based combat to them. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII also comes pretty close with customizable attack commands, but even then exploration and battles aren’t seamless, and the battle system is still limited by an ATB gauge.

As far future games are concerned, Final Fantasy Type-0 and Final Fantasy XV will be seamless real-time action RPG battles. Type-0 HD comes out next March, and who knows when XV will be~*~*~

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I paid $40 for this game

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During Tokyo Game Show this year, director Hajime Tabata gave the first live demonstration of Final Fantasy XV’s gameplay. The demo, streamed over Nico Nico, was a response to critics who said the footage in the trailer released three days ago consisted of prerendered cinematics.

Final Fantasy XV is in development for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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Thoughts on Nomura leaving Final Fantasy XV to work on Kingdom Hearts III & "other projects" ?

Asked by thegrapetyphlosionranger

"u take 2 long, here go do something else ‘cause this guy actually got his shit together"

But really, I don’t think it’s necessarily bad. Nomura handled all the hard tasks (I’d at least imagine they were hard because it only took eight years for everyone to finally say “we have a demo actually worth letting people play”); all Tabata has to do is round it all up. I know I say that like it’s nothing, but that’s really what’s going on at this point.

If anything, it’s sending the message (to me at least) that Square Enix acknowledges that both FFXV and KHIII have and are taking way too long, and they’re trying to fix it by getting them out as soon as possible. While Tabata gets FFXV through its last few hurdles, it gives Nomura that much more time to focus on getting KHIII up to speed.

Honestly, Square Enix is one the companies to watch this console generation. Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts are the two franchises that can actually make people talk because both their next installments are so hotly anticipated, and they spent much of the last console generation promising so much and (to some people) delivering so little.

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Friend: If Noctis' friends were real friends, they'd be waking him up in the car like, "Wake up, dumbass"
Me: Or they'd be us, and they'd all scream really loudly at once
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