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next time you’re at a party in a town that you hate or dont give a shit about or something see how many dudes you can sneak off with and like go to take off their pants but then just pull their belt out of their pants and leave. see how many belts you can collect & compete with your friends. this is a sport called final fantasying


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What are your thoughts on the new changes to some of the music on FFX? I love the battle theme but the boss theme just doesn't sound right to me!

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I quite like them. Admittedly when I first head them there were some I really liked, and there were others that were a bit underwhelming compared to the original versions (some sounded too busy, some had not enough bass and so much treble they sounded tinny). After actually hearing them in context though (and with a better surround sound stereo system instead of just my laptop or car speakers), I like them a lot.

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Yoko Shimomura
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Omnis Lacrima
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Memória! ~ The Very Best of Yoko Shimomura

"Omnis Lacrima," Yoko Shimomura - Final Fantasy XV (upcoming)

The full version of “Omnis Lacrima,” heard in the E3 2013 trailer for Final Fantasy XV. The track, whose title in Latin translates to “All the Tears,” is now available on composer Yoko Shimomura’s new album Memória! ~ The Very Best of Yoko Shimomura.

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Square Enix released the list of tracks from Final Fantasy VIII-XIV: A Realm Reborn that will be featured in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call, including a few from the SaGa series.

Final Fantasy VIII

  • "Don’t Be Afraid" (BMS)
  • "Force Your Way" (BMS)
  • "The Man With the Machine Gun" (BMS)
  • "Maybe I’m a Lion" (BMS)
  • "The Extreme" (BMS)
  • "Blue Fields" (FMS)
  • "Find Your Way" (FMS)
  • "Waltz for the Moon" (FMS)
  • "Fisherman’s Horizon" (FMS)
  • "Ride On" (FMS)
  • "The Castle" (FMS)
  • "Ending Theme" (FMS)

Final Fantasy IX

  • "Battle 1" (BMS)
  • "Battle 2" (BMS)
  • "Sword of Fury" (BMS)
  • "Festival of the Hunt" (BMS)
  • "Something to Protect" (BMS)
  • "The Darkness of Eternity" (BMS)
  • "The Final Battle" (BMS)
  • "Over the HIll" (FMS)
  • "Dark City Treno" (FMS)
  • "Aboard the Hilda Garde" (FMS)
  • "Unforgettable Sorrow" (FMS)
  • "Behind the Door" (FMS)
  • "Melodies of Life" (FMS)
  • "A Place to Call Home" (FMS)

Final Fantasy X

  • "Battle Theme" (BMS)
  • "Fight With Seymour" (BMS)
  • "Challenge" (BMS)
  • "Otherworld" (BMS)
  • "A Contest of Aeons" (BMS)
  • "Final Battle" (BMS)
  • "To Zanarkand" (FMS)
  • "Spira Unplugged" (FMS)
  • "Mi’ihen Highroad" (FMS)
  • "Movement in Green" (FMS)
  • "Suteki da ne?" (FMS)
  • "Launch" (FMS)
  • "Servants of the Mountain" (FMS)
  • "Someday the Dream Will End" (FMS)

Final Fantasy XI

  • "Battle Theme" (BMS)
  • "FFXI Opening Theme" (BMS)
  • "Awakening" (BMS)
  • "Ragnarok" (BMS)
  • "Shinryu" (BMS)
  • "Vana’diel March" (FMS)
  • "Ronfaure" (FMS)
  • "Gustaberg" (FMS)
  • "Sarutabaruta" (FMS)
  • "Heaven’s Tower" (FMS)
  • "Voyager" (FMS)
  • "Selbina" (FMS)
  • "The Sanctuary of Zi’tah" (FMS)

Final Fantasy XII 

  • "Final Fantasy ~FFXII Version~" (BMS)
  • "Boss Battle" (BMS)
  • "Esper Battle" (BMS)
  • "Desperate Fight" (BMS)
  • "Clash of Swords" (BMS)
  • "The Battle for Freedom" (BMS)
  • "Ending Movie" (BMS)
  • "The Royal City of Rabanastre/Town Upper Ward Stratum" (BMS)
  • "The Dalmasca Estersand" (FMS)
  • "Giza Plains" (FMS)
  • "The Mosphoran Highwaste" (FMS)

Final Fantasy XIII 

  • "Blinded by Light" (BMS)
  • "Defiers of Fate" (BMS)
  • "Saber’s Edge" (BMS)
  • "Desperate Struggle" (BMS)
  • "Fighting Fate" (BMS)
  • "The Sunleth Waterscape" (FMS)
  • "March of the Dreadnoughts" (FMS)
  • "The Gapra Whitewood" (FMS)
  • "The Archylte Steppe" (FMS)
  • "Dust to Dust" (FMS)

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

  • "The Land Breathes" (BMS)
  • "Fallen Angel" (BMS)
  • "Torn From the Heavens" (BMS)
  • "Under the Weight" (BMS)
  • "To the Sun" (FMS)
  • "On Westerly Winds" (FMS)
  • "Serenity" (FMS)
  • "Engage" (FMS)
  • "Answers" (EMS)

Romancing SaGa

  • "The Sewers" (FMS)

Romancing SaGa 3 

  • "Four Demon Nobles Battle 1" (BMS)
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When your little brother dies, get his girlfriend pregnant


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It took three years to remaster this game and they leave this in

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